The community

Alone and together

Le-zen is a small community on a hill in the Flemish Ardens. A community of short term staying break takers and long term staying nomads. It’s a place to leave behind whatever you want to leave behind. It is also an inspiring retreat center. We welcome external organizers of retreats and have our own program to offer. All open programs can be found on this page: forthcoming retreats.

Welcome to come home to yourself. Le-zen offers a safe and quiet place to resource yourself, to be left alone if that is what you need the most, to meet with other people if you are into new connections.


Le-zen (its host) cherishes individual freedom. As long a you don’t bother anyone else, you are free to do as you like. It goes without saying that Le-zen is a place of silence and we kindly ask to respect that. You are welcome to do your meditation or yoga practice in the garden or in the communal areas.


Le-zen is an international community and therefore this website is in English. It’s only for practical reasons. I am a better writer in my mother tongue, Dutch, but I also just LOVE that nowadays we so easily connect with people from all over the world because we all understand each other (more or less) in English.

For the French speaking visitors (here and on the hill): I speak French, too.

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