I am where I am

The times they are changing, and they are challenging and confusing, and also bursting with possibilities. It seems that on the one hand we celebrate our freedom, our individuality and independency – I go my way, no more compromising – and on the other hand we do all crazy things – social media wise and otherwise – to feel more connected with one another. What if both our longing for me-time (in this frantic world) and our longing to connect, could be equally honored and met? I mean, really met. Could we explore other ways of living in this new world and maybe let go of our one own permanent (heavily mortgaged) house idea? I like the movement of digital nomads, of people who combine their freedom and their work, exploring the world and its opportunities at the same time. It takes some training in letting go – of attachments anyhow – and going with the flow. Living the present moment, that sure it is!




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